When you are on a team coached by Bill Laimbeer you either defend or you don’t play.

When Bill Laimbeer played basketball in the NBA he was the pivot of one of the most unsociable teams to ever take the court. His defense usually involved the opposition player hitting the court, hard.

Since taking over New York, Laimbeer has preached the defensive mentality which took him and his team to success in the late 80’s. As a rule, the New York Liberty have listened. They are a tough match-up. They hit the boards hard, often out-rebounding their opposition by a big margin. This is helped by having the all-time rebounds per game leader on your team in Tina Charles.

Rebecca Allen is listening to the message and her defensive game is showing this. Allen has always been a good offensive player, providing instant offense of the bench last year. This year, it has been her defense getting her time on the court.

Allen’s shooting percentages are down, only hitting 30 percent from the field and 35 percent from three. However, in four minutes less per game, Allen is averaging a full rebound per game more than last season. That rebounds per game is on the defensive end of the court.

Allen’s steals are up .1 from last season and her blocks per game are up .3 from last season. This is in less time on the court. If Allen can get her offense back to what it was last year, she will demand more playing time. Who would not want someone of the court who is giving a good defensive effort and hitting greater that 50 percent on all three point attempts.