For those who don’t know, Sami Whitcomb story, she is a true inspiration for all who believe in following their dreams.

Sami Whitcomb was a solid player in college who graduated six years ago. She tried out for the WNBA and did not make it. The WNBA is cut throat as a league and at age 22, Whitcomb was not seen to be good enough. She was the last player cut from the Chicago Sky roster the year she finished college.

Did she give up? Absolutely not, she eventually moved herself to Australia to start playing for the Perth Lynx and honed her game. She worked, hard. Whitcomb showed everyone in the basketball world that she had what it takes. Fortunately for Australia, Whitcomb found a life in Australia, becoming a permanent resident, on the way to citizenship.

At the ripe old age of 28, Whitcomb tried out for the Seattle Storm and made the roster. Her 22 points against New York were the culmination of six years of hard work. Two years prior, Whitcomb was playing in the Western Australian state league, and even that was by chance.

Whitcomb had been playing for a German club that made finals. The club then went bankrupt and before the season end. It was a desperation call from the coach of the Rockingham Flames which bought Whitcomb to Australia, the other import had pulled out. This was a match made in heaven with Whitcomb who won three straight league MVP’s and led the Flames to a title in 2014.

After the financially embattled WNBL team the West Coast Waves were bought out by the NBL club the Perth Wildcats, Whitcomb was one of their first signings. Last year she led the league in scoring and led the Lynx to be finals tunner up in 2015-16

Now Whitcomb is a regular in the Storm rotation, playing 10.5 minutes per game.  She is averaging 5.4 points, 1.6 rebounds and thanks to her tenacity and work ethic, 1.0 steals per game.

Her shooting is so good, Whitcomb is sitting eighth in the league for three point percentage with a healthy 44 percent. For those who have seen her shoot, there is nothing surprising to us about this number.

Her 54 points on the season has her sitting in equal fifth for all rookies this season, her 10 steals have her in equal third.

It is these numbers which allow her more court time but it was the attitude and fight she showed to get her there which is what I admire most. Sami Whitcomb, you are an inspiration to all who have to battle for what they want. You have shown it can be done.