In the hailstorm of massive signings in the last few days, the re-signing of Sami Whitcomb may have flown a little under the radar.

For those who do not know the Sami Witcomb story, it is an inspiration to anyone who works hard to achieve their dream. Whitcomb is a role-model any parent can hold up to any child to follow.

Out of college Whitcomb did not make a WNBA team so had to travel the world, pedaling her talents. She made a finals campaign in Germany when the club folded. At this point she was called by a friend who had to pull out of a second tier league in Australia and offered her the import slot.

She made it to the West Coast Waves in the WNBL where her scoring prowess truly showed itself at the highest level in Australia. Fortunately for Whitcomb, the Perth Wildcats, an Australian NBL team bought the financially struggling Wave.

The Wildcats re-branded the team the Perth Lynx and Whitcomb had a team with solid financials. From this base, she was able to play harder and showcased her talents to an ever expanding audience. She also started down the path of becoming an Australian citizen, giving her solid roots in a country.

As a result of all the positive and the hard work, Whitcomb was given a shot last year with the Seattle Storm and she did not disappoint. In just her third game, Whitcomb shot the lights out, scoring 22 points against the New York Liberty.

Not only this, she won the game for the franchise, her paycheck for the 2018 season was almost guaranteed at that point. All that remained to be seen was how long the Storm would sign her for.

The answer came this year with a multi year deal to play for the Seattle based club. This is so beneficial for both sides. The Storm have one of the hardest working players in the entire league, her hustle caused so many turnovers last year. They also got a lights out shooter when she is on.

Whitcomb got a guaranteed deal to stay in the WNBA which means she will not feel like she is playing for a potential paycheck, she will give the Storm all of her game each and every night.

This also gives the Storm some flexibility in their line-ups. Whitcomb can play either of the guard positions as well as being capable of taking on most small forwards in the league. If Alysha Clark starts to struggle like she did last season, do not be surprised to see coach Dan Hughes give Whitcomb the starting nod.

This could be the start of a massive year for Whitcomb. Her Australian club finished runners up in the WNBL behind the play of Whitcomb and Courtney Wlliams. Not only this, Whitcomb signed her contract on the day her Australian citizenship came through. Lets us hope for Seattle’s sake, the year continues to get better for Whitcomb