The Chicago Sky re-signed core player Allie Quigley in a move which should have them competing with the best teams all year.

Last season the Chicago Sky had a very slow start. They were fighting with the San Antonio Stars for the worst record in the league. Then, after future hall-of-fame player Cappie Pondexter went down with concussion, Courtney Vandersloot became the starting point guard.

How does this relate to the re-signing of Allie Quigley? Well, Vandersloot took the team from a shoot first point guard to a pass first. The results started to speak for themselves. Vandersloot would go on to lead the league is assists and Quigley would finish third in the league for 3-point percentage.

Quigley also had the fourth most three point attempts in the league with 5.8 per game. As such, Quigley is an incredibly important piece of the Chicago Sky structure.  Together with Stefanie Dolson, Quigley is able to space the floor so her floor general can go to work.

Quigley also reacquainted the basketball world with her incredible accuracy from range when she won the 3-point contest at the All-Star game in Seattle last season. She was so dominant I am thinking of asking for two divisions this year. Quigley in division one and everyone else in division two.

However, I digress. last season Quigley led the Sky in scoring with 16.4 points per game This number put her in 12th place last season for the entire league. She was also third on the team in assists with 3.6 per game. This number placed her 15th in the league.

It is her combination with Vandersloot and Dolson which make the Sky such a dangerous team to play against. With the injection of youth the Sky are about to get, this combination and their experience will be vital for the Sky.

The Sky are about to get two of the top four draft picks as well as signing last years second pick, Alaina Coates. The loss of Jessica Breland will hurt the Sky but not as much now that Quigley is back with the club.

If the Sky are going to make some noise this year, Quigley is going to have to be loud. The good thing is, Quigley lets her shooting do the talking.