After a four year college career, Leticia Romero played overseas last year. This year she signed her rookie contract with the Connecticut Sun.

Leticia Romero has signed her rookie contract with the Connecticut Sun after being drafted with the 16th pick last season. Romero is a competent scorer but is a spectacular passer.

Romero is going to back up the talented back-court of Jasmine Thomas and Courtney Williams. She will be battling for playing time against Rachel Banham and Alex Bentley. However, she is now playing for one of the best coaches in the WNBA, Curt Miller. If anyone can find playing time for a young guard it is Miller.

Where Romero benefits the team is her complete game. She is a good mid to long range shooter. Combine this with her ability to attack the rim and defenders are kept guessing. Combine this shooting with her passing and Romero will run the offense well.

Looking at some of her film what stands out is she does not stop until the play is complete. If she shoots the ball, she is following it in for the rebound, creating second chance shots.

Romero is not afraid to attack the rim, getting round bigger players and finishing with style.

Despite being young, Romero has shown the ability to lead a team as she was part of the Spanish silver medal squad in the 2016 Rio Olympics. This signing has made the Sun even stronger.