Today may be a busy day for Minnesota Lynx general manager and coach Cheryl Reeve.

For most of the day, people in the know were alluding to the fact that the Minnesota Lynx were going to be making moves today.

In a free agency period where the Lynx were losing players to other teams without return. Today this changed with the trading of Natasha Howard to the Seattle Storm for a 2018 second round draft pick.

On the surface, this trade look to be a little pedestrian. A known commodity for a second round pick. However, when you look further into the details of the trade, the true value shows.

The Lynx have obtained the right to swap first round draft picks with the Seattle Storm in 2019. So, if the Lynx finish higher than the Storm, the Lynx will take the Storm’s pick.

Secondly, this is a talent laden draft which will have coach’s like Reeve excited. A second round pick may be worth more than the 4.3 points and 2.4 rebounds Howard was able to bring off the bench.

This is also a sign that coach Reeve is starting to bring some young players into the squad as they are getting older.

From the Storm point of view, they are getting a solid forward who will help out Breanna Stewart, Courtney Paris and Crystal Langhorne. This is helpful as bench piece Ramu Toskashiki is on national team duties rather than playing in the WNBA.

We wish Natasha all the best in Seattle.