Jeanette Pohlen-Mavunga has re-signed with the Indiana Fever for her seventh season.

The Indiana Fever has re-signed one of their most loyal servants in Jeanette Pohlen-Mavunga for her seventh straight season.

Pohlen-Mavunga was drafted by the Fever back in 2011 and has spent six seasons with the club. She missed the first half of the 2013 season with a torn ACL in her left knee in the finals in 2012 against the Minnesota Lynx

In 2014 Pohlen-Mavunga was waived at training camp due to a torn left Achilles tendon only to be signed the following season.

The team then waived Pohlen-Mavunga after training camp in 2016 but she rejoined the team mid-season.

For the next season and a half, Pohlen-Mavunga cemented her place with the Fever, leading to the contract extension this season. Pohlen-Mavunga played extended minutes last season due to the massive amount of injuries the Fever suffered throughout the course of the season.

What Pohlen-Mavunga brings to the table is an incredibly accurate 3-point shot. She has the ability to space the floor for a Fever team which is going to need it this season. The Fever finished 11th last season and have not added any major pieces to improve their chances except for Kayla Alexander.

Pohlen-Mavunga lead the league in 3-point shooting percentage as a rookie, the only player ever to do so. With her accuracy, there is the potential for her to play a role in keeping games competitive this season.

Let us all hope she can escape the injury curse which has befallen the club and herself throughout her career.