Lindsay Allen re-signed with the New York Liberty, looking to improve on her rookie season.

Lindsay Allen was a second round pick, being selected by the New York Liberty with the 14th pick last year. Allen was cut by the team before being bought back to play a minor bench role.

Last season, Allen averaged 13.5 minutes, 1.9 points, 1.5 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. While some may say this is a paltry return, but I disagree. A big part of the reason Allen had a low return was the style of offense used by the Liberty under bill Laimbeer.

Laimbeer centered his offense around the perennial MVP candidate because she is so good. However, it does not allow new players, especially bench players to show their true value.

I am not saying Allen is going to be a star, she is young, talented and energetic and shows good understanding of basketball.

There are a number of reasons for this. Allen was used in a back-up role, so she would have had severe limitations on how and where she should shoot the ball. However, as a play-maker Allen excelled in the limited time she had on court.

Her 2.2 assists per game ranked sixth on the team. Here is the thing though, the team leader was Epiphanny Price with only 2.9 assists per game. She achieved this number in 26.8 minutes per game. Most successful offenses work when the ball is moving. The ball moved when Allen was on the court.

Secondly Allen took good care of the ball. She had 3.3 assists for every turnover. This was the best rating on the team. Lower turnovers and good ball movement is something that any coach would like.

Katie Smith is more likely to want an offense where the ball moves around the perimeter, looking for an open look. This is the style of offense which will certainly be more to Allen’s strengths.

Allen is not a great 3-point shooter,hitting 0-of-13 in her rookie season but she will find the open player with skill.