The Phoenix Mercury show they are close to the complete team with the win over the Seattle Storm

Despite how close the game became towards the end of the matchup, the Phoenix Mercury showed that they are incredibly close to being the complete team.

In the first game of the season they won on the back of Diana Taurasi’s tremendous scoring and DeWanna Bonner collecting a double double.

In the mathcup against the Seattle Storm they won on the back of Brittney Griner collecting a double double with 29 points and 10 rebounds. She was also good enough to get four assists and three blocks.

However, take a look at the rest of the team and you will see why they won. Bonner had a quieter night right, she scored 12 points and only collected three rebounds. Wrong, Bonner was able to hurt the Storm with her seven assists and three steals.

Taurasi did have a quieter night with only 12 points. However, it was the constant threat of what she could do which made life easier on the inside for Griner. However, when one guard is down, the other is up. Briann January had a great night with 15 points, four rebounds and six assists.

The Mercury bench was a little quieter this game. Leilani Mitchell did not score but that means she will probably explode next game. Stephanie Talbot got into the scorers book for the first time this year with five points.

If the Mercury can keep up this multi faceted offense they are going to be much harder to stop come playoffs. This team has the chance of making it all the way this year.