There is no question the Dallas Wings will be a better team for the inclusion of Liz Cambage. They came up short playing the defending champions though.

They Dallas Wings are getting used to playing with a dominant center. The last one they had was a young Liz Cambage back in the Tulsa Shock days. Playing with a center like Cambage takes time to adjust and get right.

If you focus on her too much the play becomes predictable. Not enough and you are not utilising your biggest weapon. This dynamic becomes particularly important when you are playing the Minnesota Lynx. Sylvia Fowles is one of the best defensive centers in the league, the Lynx are champions from last year.

In this battle of the bigs, the Lynx used Fowles better than the Wings used Cambage. There were times Cambage looked like one of the best players in the world, which she is. She swatted away one Fowles shot like she was swatting a fly. It was brilliant to watch.

However, Fowles is playing with one of the best point guards ever in the WNBA, Lindsay Whalen. They have also played together before this season and it shows. Fowles had a 23 point, 20 rebounds double-double. She also had five steals and two blocks.

Compare that to Cambage  who had a 14 point, 12 rebounds double-double. Cambage also had three blocks. Interestingly, Cambage had four assists as well. She has really worked on this part of her game since leaving the WNBA last time. Now if she is double teamed, she is good at finding the open shooter.

The Wings are still feeling their way into the season and into the new era when they will dominate other teams with both Cambage and Azura Stevens playing in the front court. This will take time and it will be a little frustrating, but fun to watch.