The Chiney Ogwumike¬†trade from the Connecticut Sun to the Los Angeles Sparks leaves some WNBA frustrated, but we can’t be angry at Ogwumike.

Fans of the WNBA are as passionate or potentially more so than those of any other league. They have to be with so much negativity from the unlettered oaf’s who demean the league without actually knowing anything about it.

As such, when a top player leaves a team, it is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when that player is a former number one pick. Ogwumike also went to the team who have championship pedigree, improving them when there is a potential vacuum at the top of the WNBA pile.

This is especially important this season as with the amount of top players missing for as many reasons. this was a great chance for the Sun to sit atop the WNBA heap. They have had the talent to do it for a couple of years but never managed to get over the hump.

Now Ogwumike joins her sister Nneka in Los Angeles who also still have the incredibly talented Candace Parker and Chelsea Gray, to name but a few. However, Chiney has not gone to the Sparks to play for a championship, she has gone to pursue her media career.

This is why we cannot be angry at Ogwumike. Her primary source of income should be basketball, she is one of the better players in the best league in the world but unfortunately she is only paid at a similar level to a middle manager.

If we want to upgrade in our professional life, we work hard at what we need to and take the opportunity of a new job when it comes along. Ogwumike has worked really hard to  make a name for herself on ESPN, and she has succeeded.

For her, the media career offers her a chance to not have to play basketball all year round, giving her body the rest it deserves. To do this she had to move to Los Angeles which is where the head offices of ESPN are.

When listening to the Woj pod a while ago, Ogwumike mentioned covering an event for ESPN during the season on a day off, travelling separately from the team. She even missed a conflict which caused a player to be traded. To put it simply, Ogwumike is following her more lucrative career which basketball was able propel her into. How can anyone be angry with that?