We have all heard the saying that there is something wrong in the state of Denmark. The question is, what is wrong in the state of Texas?

For the second season in a row the Dallas Wings franchise has lost a superstar. Last season it was LIz Cambage demanding a trade as she did not want to play with the Wings, This season Skylar Diggins-Smith has said she wants to be traded

To lose two talents such as this suggests there is something wrong with the Wings franchise. Cambage was not happy with the franchise when it was in Tulsa, preferring to sit out than play in the WNBA.

It was only friend Erin Phillips who helped convince her to come back, Cambage played a season and then when she found out that Diggins-Smith was taking a season off due to pregnancy, Cambage wanted a trade so that she could compete for a championship.

Likewise, Diggins-Smith has given service to the Wings and unfortunately for the franchise is looking for an opportunity to win. The Wings appear to be in constant rebuild mode.

For a player who is as super competitive as Diggins-Smith this is simply not acceptible. They should have been able to build a good team around the former Notre Dame star. They have failed to do this.

Diggins-Smith has been cored this season by the Wings. This means that she is going to get the maximum salary available under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Having demanded a trade, Diggin-Smith will get paid at her new team, wherever that may be.

So the season starts again with the Wings trying to get the best trade they can for a star, the entire free agency period is going to be impacted by this. As I saw in a tweet today, this free agency period has a wild west feel about it.