Amid the panic of COVID-19. the WNBA and the NBA have worked out a way of playing their seasons but the gulf is back on display.

The WNBA has come up with their own version of the NBA bubble, with some people dubbing it the “wubble”, much to the dismay of Kiah Stokes.

However, the WNBA Bubble is simply highlighting the difference between the respect that the men are shown versus the women who play the same game at the highest level. The men are getting chartered flights to Disney where they are going be housed for the time they play out the remainder of their season.

The WNBA players have had a very different journey to their 2020 season. There has been such uncertainty as to whether it will go ahead but now teams have started the long journey to Florida and the IMG Academy.

Most teams have had to take commenrcial flights to the current epicenter of COVID-19, putting the players, and the competition at risk. However, it is obvious that some people are making the best of it.

However, the conditions that the WNBA players will stay in leave a lot to be desired. Looking at the tweet below, their washing facilities are sub-standard at best.

However, that is not the worst of it, the cleanliness of the rooms leaves even more to be desired as shown by the second tweet below.

There is no way that the NBA players would put up with this, they would not be expected to. Do not get me wrong, I am so excited for both seasons to start. I am a passionate OKC Thunder fan and have loved the Seattle Storm since Lauren Jackson started playing there and have a Sue Bird basketball cruch.

However, it is time that we respect both leagues at the same level, these athletes deserve to be treated better. All 12 of the WNBA teams play super competitve basketball that the average player can relate to. In terms of pure basketball, it is the best league on the planet.