The Indiana Fever were the worst team in the entire WNBA last season. They won a total of five games out of 36, which had them eight games behind the 11th place Los Angeles Sparks. They averaged the least points scored for the season and had the most points scored against them which is a really bad combination. It meant that they had a points differential of 11.1 points per game for the season which in not going to win you many games.

Defensively they appeared all at sea. They fouled more than any other team in the league with 20.0 per game. They were 11th in defensive rebounds and turnovers per game and ninth in both steals and blocks per game. On the other end of the floor it was not any better. They were last is 2PT field goal percentage and free throw percentage. They were not even able to make it up from the perimeter where they were ninth in the league. The most telling stat for the offense was that they were 11th in the league for assists per game. The ball did not move enough, or find the right player.

So, what have the Fever done to help their dire situation on both ends? Well, getting the No. 1 draft pick certainly helped. With that pick they were able to secure a franchise changing player in the form of Aliyah Boston who is going to have a huge impact on the defensive end, being a two-time Naismith defensive player of the year in college. She can call out defensive plays, helping her perimeter defenders.They have also added Australian point guard Kristy Wallace who is a hard-nosed defender who is also a solid ball handler.

Both of these players will have a positive impact on the offense which should see them get back to the rest of the pack who are going to be challenging for playoff seeding. Add in the toughness, versatility, and shooting of the seventh pick

However, looking at the level of experience on the team, they are not looking for next season. They are still going to play hard and learn at every available opportunity but the Fever are still a couple of seasons away. The experience of Kelsey Mitchell and Erica Wheeler are going to help the rookies develop.

One thing is for sure though, they are going to be a fun team to watch as they grow and develop. So, can the Fever get off the bottom of the standings? There is a really good chance that they can this season but it is going to be a tough slog as the later months roll around. Look out for the 2024 season and beyond for this team.