The Phoenix Mercury are sitting in fourth in the WNBA. This thanks to Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi having incredible seasons. Lets look at the dominance of these two probable Hall-of-Famers

The Phoenix Mercury had a massive turnover of players in the off-season. I love the fact they have three Australians on their roster, Cayla George, Leilani Mitchell and Stephanie Talbot.

However, it is the work of the established stars which is so noteworthy. Brittney Griner is having a season which has to have her in line for potential MVP honors. Diana Taurasi has already broken the all-time three point and scoring records. She is also the only woman with 7,000 points, 1,500 rebounds and 1,500 assists. Lets take a closer category leading look at the seasons these two are having.

Brittney Griner

I have never been one to look at a player at this point of a season and say they are favorite to win an award. However, take a look at all the list of categories the Mercury center is top ten in. I have had to highlight every second one there are so many.

Category Leader

2 Point Field Goals Made, 2 Point Fields Goal Percent, Field Goal Percent and Effective Field Goal Percent, Free Throws Made and Attempted, Total points scored and Points Per Game, Blocks and Blocks Per Game

Top Five In Category

Second – Field Goals Made, 2 Point Field Goals Attempted, Defensive Win Shares

Third – Win Shares

Fourth – Field Goals Attempted, Offensive Win Shares

Fifth – Defensive Rebounds, Total Rebounds, True Shooting Percentage, Offensive Rating.

Top Ten In Category

Sixth – Personal Fouls

Tenth – Minutes Played, Offensive Rebounds,

Diana Taurasi

Taurasi does not quite have the same list of categories she is so high in but it is still an impressive amount.

Category Leader

3 Point Field Goals Made, 3 Point Field Goals Attempted, Three Point Field Goal Percentage

Top Ten In Category

Sixth – Free Throw Percentage, True Shooting Percentage, Points Per Game

Seventh – Free Throws Made, Offensive Rating.

Eighth – Free Throws Attempted

Ninth – Total Points Scored

Tenth – Missed Field Goals, Offensive Win Shares.

While these two are playing, the Phoenix Mercury are in good hands.