Recently I was scrolling twitter and Twanna Anderson started making noise about ESPN stepping up and dedicating a channel exclusively for women’s sport.

It is time to explore the power of social media. When Twanna Anderson from Arizona posted it was time to have a dedicated women’s sport channel on ESPN I decided it was time to write an article giving the positives.

Firstly, women’s sport around the globe is taking off. Women in sports like tennis and beach volleyball have the ability to make enough money to be successful as a professional athlete. There are incredibly successful women’s leagues in soccer, volleyball, basketball, netball, cricket, cycling and golf to name a few.

However, there are very few networks around the world who are willing to televise these leagues as they feel there is not enough money in them. This is an incredibly narrow-minded, sexist view which needs to change.

I take basketball fans back to the WNBA playoffs where ESPN moved most of the games to the news channel. This was just wrong and disrespectful on so many levels. The quality of the games would have garnered huge amounts of viewers but most people do not have this channel.

In football, the USA national team is the best in the world, so is the professional football league. In NCAA basketball the competition in the women’s game is lit and the storylines are worth paying attention to. They could also televise the volleyball and many other college sports as well

If ESPN could use these two professional leagues and the NCAA as their flagships to build around, they would easily get enough viewers to support a channel exclusively for women’s sport. Let’s make this happen.